What is a Community Land Trust?

What is a Community Land Trust?

Community Land Trusts are nonprofit organizations that help make homes and other things (such as community gardens, commercial space, affordable housing) affordable and accessible. For most CLTs, affordable housing is the highest priority. There are over 250 CLT programs across the country, serving communities from small towns to large cities.

From Wikipedia: "The first organization to be labeled with the term 'community land trust' in the U.S., called New Communities, Inc., was founded with the purpose of helping African-American farmers in the rural South to gain access to farmland and to work it with security."

For more information about CLTs, visit the National Community Land Trust Network or Cornerstone Partnership or Wikipedia.

our mission, vision & values

Mission. Utilizing the Community Land Trust model of permanent affordability, expand homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income families so they can live or remain in the community of their choice. Serve as a leading strategic partner to improve affordability region-wide, with a focus on areas affected by displacement.

Vision. A livable, equitable and economically viable community where every family can thrive.


Help support stable, strong communities.